Networking Made Easy

This past Saturday my son, Nick,  and I hung out downtown hiding from the baby shower that my wife was throwing for our daughter.  Anyway, we were sitting in a cigar bar talking about the importance of networking – you know just meeting people. I admitted that I am not great about initiating conversation. If someone engages me, I’ll talk, but I’m not great about starting one. My point to him was: Don’t be like me!

Nick told me about a frend of his who can talk to anyone. He said you would think after 5 minutes that they’d been friends for years. All he does is ask questions, and expand on their answers. People love to talk about themselves.

Just then – 2 people sat down next to us to enjoy a cigar. Instead of turning away, I decided to try a different tact. I simply asked if they lived locally or were visiting Charleston. That simple question started a question that led to talking about their granddaughter, all the different places they lived, and the best restaturants in Charleston. They even told me about some that I haven’t been to. It was a great conversation!

Anyone can do that ! The next time you’re at a function and feeling like you’d rather run than talk, simply find the closest person and ask them a simple question about themselves and see where the conversation takes you.

The people you meet today may be your best customer tomorrow! Don’t miss out on any opportunity to network!

Lou Castillo

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