The Secret To Happiness & Abundance

The secret to abundance of any sort is to feel good. What you focus upon expands.

Check how your predominant thoughts make you feel. If they bring you down. Make you feel overwhelmed, upset, angry, then work to change your focus.

That is important. You cannot try to not focus, because that will only cause you to focus more. The trick is to change your focus.

Look for thoughts that make you feel happy.

This took me a while to understand: if a topic makes me feel overwhelmed when I think about it and I never have good thoughts, how do I change my focus around that?

For instance, if your health is poor, how do you think positively about your health?

If you don’t have enough money, how can you be happy about that?

If you are missing true love in your life, where is the joy?

It took me a long time, but I finally understood. You don’t have to be happy about what you lack. You just have to focus on thoughts that make you happy.

The result is that you will attract more that makes you happy and less that doesn’t. You can speed up the process by writing down 10 things every day for which you are grateful. Spend a minute or two on each item thinking about why you are grateful.

When you commit to this exercise each and every day, after 2 weeks you’ll begin to see a difference in your overall happiness. Within 30 days, you’ll feel like a transformation has occurred.

All you have to do is be sincere in your gratitude.

Some may ask, but so much is wrong, I’m not sure that I can find that many things to be grateful for. Here’s a tip – try imagining your life without anything that you DO have right now no matter how small.

Imagine not being able to go to the store to buy groceries and you had to hunt for and grow food yourself.

Imagine no running water.

Imagine no electricity.

Imagine no nature and all its beauty.

You see, we take these things for granted because they are always there. Whatever you desire can also be so abundant that it is almost hard to imagine not having it. It all begins with gratitude and happiness.

If ever there is a season to believe in magic, this is it.

Try what I am offering here. You’ll be amazed at the results in just 30 days.

If you like this, I recommend the book: The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

Your life is about to change. Enjoy the journey every day!


Expect abundance,

Lou Castillo


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