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People love our events & products because of the information, the experience, and our no holds barred and hands on approach to training. We hear all the time that we’re different than all the others, but don’t take our word for it. Listen to what others have to say…

Mr. Castillo, I have been forever impressed with your expertise and caring. You obviously are in this business for more than just the money. In my 25 years of Real Estate experience you stand apart in these ways. I have only met a handful like you – ‘real experts’ who also care deeply. I congratulate you and again, Thank You!
– John A. OBine

This has been the best workshop on real estate investing I have attended. I did not expect to learn so much as an experienced investor. Lou and Josh made things easy for the beginners and at the same time help me learn a few things. Lou and Josh will help me generate another 60,000within the next 30 days. Thank you so much!
– Carl Davis

I think this is the most education people can get in three days. Just with one of the techniques I learned I made 20,000 on a deal I thought I had lost.
– Charles W. Moore

Informative, awesome, genuine, educational, motivational and I could keep going on to describe how great this course was. I feed motivated and prepared to launch my real estate investing business.
– Valencia Burnell

This weekend FAR exceeded what I was hoping for to experience, learn and be exposed to. What was so appreciated was not only the incredible wealth of info provided but the patience and enthusiasm. You are all obviously generous, honest people with great integrity-this is rare and what greatly sets you apart from everyone else. Now I hold the information and the tools to make it happen and achieve my goals.
– Diane Voikin

Lou and Josh obviously have command or their subject and the track record to prove it. I can’t believe how much material was given it was ingenious. This weekend for me will be the difference between success and failure.
– John Sayen

This is the first real estate seminar that I have attended. I have been totally pleased…WOW so much real information. I would gladly recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their business.
– Arthur Glaze

I’m glad I attended this course. It helped me to understand how to put the real estate deals together. I really liked all the marketing ideas. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and made sure all our questions were answered. You made me understand that I just have to start; I don’t have to be perfect. Take it one step at a time and follow the system. – Nela Odarijew

I’ve been to a number of seminars with real estate GURUS. I got more value out of this weekend than the THOUSANDS of dollars I have spent with others. I am impressed with the knowledge of Lou and Josh- They over delivered in every way.
– Michael

I’ve been set up for a year in real estate, the fear factor has held me back. Among many things the course really helped me getting over the fear. The program is laid out from A TO Z in getting off the ground. It has taught me how to bring the buyers and sellers together. These three days have taught me so much Follow the steps – Success will happen. Go out and do something the rest will follow.
– Raymond Gormley

Thank you for taking it way beyond all the other speakers out there.
– Linda P.

I really enjoyed your seminars I really liked the smaller group setting, you really are very good and very personable, we have been to other seminars, and thought this one ranks up at the top.
– The Waymires

Josh and Lou delivered such a highly professional and practical presentation. Their grip on the real estate and internet subjects are very well mastered. It’s scary to see someone so in control of its material and expertise.
– The Godbout Family

Great Presentation- loved Lou and Josh! Really appreciated not being upsold a bunch of materials. They gave us so much helpful materials and information. You gave us real realistic expectations! You guys are Great!
– Claire

The workshop was excellent. The whole thing was well organized and easy to follow. I really appreciated Lou and Josh’s straight talk no pie in the sky B.S. Also enjoyed all that Josh covered of the Internet Marketing it was excellent. This workshop will enable me to actually take action and generate income.

Thanks so Much!
– Chuck

I am very pleased with the amount of information provided at the workshop. The information was real and presented in a down to earth fashion. I will be VERY SUCESSFUL in REI investing because of your course.

Thanks to Lou and Josh
– Michelle P.

After attending many, many REAL ESTATE bootcamps, It was a great pleasure to receive such informative, organized information. My heartfelt thanks for difficult work well presented.

Thank you
– Jocelyn G.

Guys, YOU ROCK! You have put together the best boot camp I’ve seen and you deliver it within a context that captivates students interest and fosters their motivations.
– Walter Fielek

Lou & Josh you are great teachers! You kept the subject matter interesting. You were very thorough and seem to be very comfortable with the subject matter. This weekend was very informative and inspiring and motivating. I will highly recommend anyone that is interested in Real estate investing or the Internet.
– Fran

AWESOME training. Your down to earth style made the concepts much less intimidating than many other presenters I have been exposed to. This was the first RE training where the information actually provided ANSWERS for the HOW to evaluate, calculate and create an investment business. Thanks Lou and Josh.
– Kathy Cagiah

Thank You Lou an Josh for all the incredible tips and techniques you shared with us this weekend, this will help me get my investing career a definite edge.
– Joy W.

We had a great time with Lou and Josh. Lots of information and examples, Good question and answer sessions. Thanks for your help and support.
– Bob and Tonya

Hands down, without question the absolute best, most comprehensive Real estate investing training I have ever taken. I’ve been on a yearlong campaign to get educated to pursue a full time REI career. I only wish I would have learned about training with you before all the others. The added bonus of focusing the REI industry with the internet is a very strong asset to this program. Lou and Josh your the men. Thanks a million!!!
– Tim Sayers

Fantastic we have been to a few other training sessions, this by far is the best. I’m still so blown away that I don’t think I can put into words what a difference this will make in my future.
– Greg F.

I received very practical start up information that filled in the gaps missing in other real estate programs. I appreciate the hands on exercise and all the real information.
– Cynthia Abel

We thought this event was excellent! We learned sooooooooo much (way more than we were expecting) This weekend has absolutely jump started our Real estate Investing Career. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
– Shirl and Gurnell Rhodes

BRAVO-KUNDO’S To you guys, the workshop was awesome! I recommend the course to anyone wanting to invest in Real Estate. Thank You
-David Belote

Excellent ! Josh and Lou have become a trusted source of information Great Job excellent Information I liked it all.
-Bill Martin

Absolutely loved this weekend! Learned a whole new way of thinking about marketing from the customers point of view. Loved Lou’s Mindset session, it is going to help me reach my goals in a shorter period of time.

The event did deliver what it advertised and they under promised and over delivered in a big way.The mix of mindset and Real estate was great. I also really liked all the hand outs it made it very easy to follow.
-Macodou N’daw

I was very impressed . I learned a lot in a short period of time. This Seminar will help me jump start my bussiness venture.I liked everything about the weekend keep it up guys Great Job! I will recommend this program to everyone.
-Craig Drawdy

To me this Event was a real eye opener, A real kick in the butt so to speak! The level of focus that Josh and Lou have in life and business is really amazing. Thank you so much!!!!
Maurice Hector

A person can go from zero to 100 just following the information that was taught this weekend. The subject matter was easy to understand (rookie or pro)
-John E. Crews

This was a very good event, full of quality information for anyone interested in real estate investing or internet.You gave us excellent information on multiple income opportunity in this and related industries. This weekend will motivate me to be more committed to my business. Thanks I hope to stay in touch.
-George Ward

Very good information,very motivating looking forward to getting started.Thank you for everything, I very much enjoy all the people you bring to talk, you teach us the information we need to move forward.
-Vickie Volk

Good first time workshop! Great Value indeed and Great event for forward thinkers to attend.Super!!! Thanks a million to everyone that made this event possible.Lou and Josh this event was worth many times my investment so full of content.

This was a great event so full of content. They covered topics not covered before. They not only talked about the system they showed you how to implement everything. Thanks again for a great weekend.

I came this weekend expecting information on applying internet marketing principles to my real estate investing business. I got that and so much more. Thank you for such a
great weekend.
-M. Shafer

This event is a life changing event not just for real estate but a life changing event for you life. Josh and Lou thank you for being Real!

Wow!! Awesome Guys Thank you for such fantastic weekend. I really appreciate your honest and humble sincere attitude.
-Kimberly Colvin

Fantastic Event. I loved the small class and the one on one attention. Great detail information.
-H. Burns

What a Great event with lots of great strategies. I love the detailed information. I have no complaints! I am going to take these strategies and put them in place right away.
-Jeremy Fetzner

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