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Yesterday I debunked some marketing myths. If you missed that article, you can view it now:

>>Marketing Myths Debunked

Today let’s review some marketing tips to increase your response rates and your overall results.

Before you ever begin to create your marketing piece, tap into the mindset of your ideal prospect. It is someone who has a house they no longer want. More so, they need to get rid of it.

They are dealing with some sort of problem. It could be financial; it could be a divorce; a death in the family; even just old age and time to release home ownership. What they all have in common is a strong desire to solve their problem. Often the house is actually just a collateral casualty of the problem, and it become nothing more than an albatross.

What you offer is a quick, easy method to eradicate this major issue and make it go away allowing them to focus on the next chapter of their life. Think about how your prospect is feeling and write to that perspective. Which leads me into my first tip…

Answer the most important question on your prospects mind: What’s In It For Me?

Marketing is often written about how great is the sender. How many year experience – what they accomplished – why they are so great. The recipient, however, just wants to know what they will gain from the experience. You must quickly tell them what’s in it for them.

Tell them what makes you different  or unique.

This is a highly competitive market. You have to let prospects know what make you different than the competition. No need to directly compare yourself to the competition, just show them a difference that is meaningful to them.

For instance, one of my headlines was: We Buy Houses Too…The Difference Is How We Treat People. I didn’t directly refer to the competition, but the reader clearly understands the difference.

Brand Yourself

Have a brand name to distinguish you from the competition and so that prospects begin to recognize that they have seen your advertising before. “We Buy Houses” is not a brand. That is generic. Develop your own brand name. Just keep it simple. Don’t sound like a big corporation. For Instance…Bald Bob Buys Houses is much better than Pinnacle Financial Home Buyers.

Use a Graphic

People remember pictures quicker than words. Invest in a logo or even use a picture of yourself to help reinforce your brand name.

Call To Action

A common mistake – made even by some of the best marketers (me included) is to spend so much time on the verbiage, they forget to include a call-to-action. The Call-To-Action is what you want the customer to do. In most cases you want them to call a number and /or visit a website. Tell them to do that and be sure to make the font bold and larger so that it is easy to see and find within the marketing piece. Don’t forget your call-to-action.

Investing a little extra time in the beginning to create marketing that includes these tips will help increase your results.

Expect abundance,

Lou Castillo

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