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We left off with my son asking Where do I start?

I told him I thought he should start like his Mom and I did, and I guarantee that within a year he’ll more than double what he is making now – starting from scratch!

Operating  a business takes starting capital if you really want to get going quickly and you want to grow.

So you need to start by creating those start-up funds.

Since we have closed more wholesale deals than any other and I am a big advocate of wholesaling, my son was sure I’d say to start with wholesaling to create cash-flow.

Instead I recommended he start with rehabs.

To which he responded:

What??!! How would that work? It takes a lot more funds to do a rehab than to market for wholesales.

Right. But with rehabs it doesn’t have to be your funds.

You have an asset (the house) that you can leverage to cover 100% of your project costs (purchase + rehab + plus holding).

I’d recommend starting with a cosmetic to medium level rehab, and you should clear $15,000 – $20,000 on your first deal. And you can manage all of that part time while you still have your job.

Now imagine that you just did 4 of those type easy rehabs in your first year (which is easy), you’ll clear an extra $60,000 – $80,000.

That got his attention!

Of course the next thing he wanted to know was where he’s going to get the loan…from me?

I said no way! You need to learn to do this on your own – so you become completely independent of anyone.

Here’s what you do…

Find some hard money lenders and interview as many as you need to using the questions I give you until you have three that meet your needs.

Next, start looking for potential equity partners that would be willing to provide the funding for the property in return for an equity share in the deal.

Finally, and most important, start building a portfolio of private lenders.

True private lenders, ones that you cultivate – not the ones from these lists which are nothing more than private hard money lenders. I’ll show you how to approach people.

I told him when you build your private lender portfolio, you’ll always have all the money you need for any of your deals.

I could see his wheels turning and he was seeing the potential here.

He then asked me a question that helped me so much.

In karate I discovered that the teacher learns from the student. And my son was teaching me with his question/concern…

It all sounds great…but I don’t know where to start or what to do.

I realized at that moment why so many investors never make any money…

They are simply overwhelmed.

There is so much to learn and so many directions, that you just don’t know how to begin.

So I’m going to say to you what I said to him:

Don’t worry, I’m here for you.

We’re going to take this one step at a time and I’m and going to walk you through your deals. You are never going to be alone until you don’t need me anymore.

How’s that for commitment?

I’m willing to take two investors under my wing along with my son. And we are going to create deals for you over this next year.

If you’re willing to work at it like my son, then I can promise you that you’ll hit similar numbers – even working part time – even while you have a job.

Do this now – and next year at this time, you’ll have an extremely profitable real estate investing business and you’ll have a choice to stay in your job or focus just on investing.

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There is an upfront fee, and then the rest is paid from your profits as you earn them.

And I won’t accept a single extra penny towards the balance until you have earned back your entire upfront fee (which you’ll  more than do on your first deal).

Here’s what is going to be fun…you’ll be learning right alongside my son. So we can all share stories of our deals and have fun doing this together.

There is nothing stopping you right now from having all that you desire except you.

I know that we have been attracted into each others’ lives for a reason and I am looking forward to our friendship and collaboration.

I’ll be selecting the two individuals I work with based on your desire and tenacity.

I’ll explain more on the phone so Apply Here Now.

Click Here for Part 3 where I’ll be talking more about Private Lenders and how that works.

Expect Abundance,

Lou Castillo

P.S. I’ll be working with you personally on your deals and you’ll have a direct line to me so you can reach me whenever you need.

Be one of the 2 investors that join my son building the business from the ground up.

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