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Invitation To Participate In Lou Castillo's Personal Mentoring Program

Only a few new Clients are accepted into the program each year so that Lou can work personally one-on-one with each one.  After watching the short video above, if this seems like it may be the perfect program to help you build and expand your real estate investing business, then here is all you need to do to start the process …

  • Send an email to Lou directly at
  • Include your full name and phone number & let him know you want to participate
  • Describe what you want to achieve with real estate investing
  • Confirm that you can handle the Initial Registration Fee and the marketing budget requirements

That’s it! Lou will then call and set an appointment for you to talk about the program and to see if you are a good fit together. It’s all low key and no pressure.

Program Overview

Lou Castillo offers a “boutique mentoring” opportunity to only a select few clients a year. It is a unique program that focuses on the actual implementation of strategies rather than theoretical training. For one year you’ll work directly with Lou Castillo closing deals and building and expanding your real estate investing business. With Lou as your mentor you’ll always have someone you can call for advice and guidance as you work through your deals.

You’ll have direct, personal, one-on-one access to Lou throughout the year. Although a core curriculum is in place, the pace and direction is defined by you and your goals and objectives. Lou will continually provide you with the next step so that you learn as you implement strategies.

The program is designed to give you the education, support, and experience to build and operate a profitable real estate business. Based on your goals, objectives, and resources, you will jointly determine the best initial strategy for you to follow to build your business. As that strategy begins to prosper, you will continue to work together to expand your business model to include profit streams along with a retirement plan.

Let me be perfectly frank with you, this program is not for anyone looking to get rich quick by doing nothing and expecting money to pour into their bank account. I will not even consider working with someone like that.

If on the other hand, you recognize the huge potential investing in real estate, and you are willing to put in the initial time and effort required, we’ll not only create your real estate investing business, we’ll grow and expand it as well.

How We Work Together

The program is delivered in a variety of mediums to afford you the best training and support.

  • Unlimited 1-on-1 Coaching & Support

Unlimited access to Lou Castillo via emails, phone calls, and texts for ongoing questions, training, and support. The philosophy for the program is that you only truly learn and understand the business through the process of closing deals. Lou avails himself to you as much as you need so you always have the support you need to progress forward. Although your basic training is delivered through a series of videos, you and Lou will work together personally to implement the strategies discussed to close deals.

  • Monthly 1-on-1 Business Strategy Phone Session

In addition to your day-to-day operational interactions with Lou, it is important to invest time periodically to review your overall business and assess results. Once a month you will schedule business strategy session.  This is a high level look at the results and direction of your business. You and Lou will focus on what you have accomplished; the results you have achieved; and next steps.

  • Membership Site

You will be given access to a special Membership Site. The baseline training is provided in a series of online videos. In addition, the Membership Site provides you access to all the real estate contracts and forms Lou uses; the Deal Analyzer; marketing samples; Recommended Vendors; and negotiating scripts.

  • REI Websites

Two 1-page opt-in websites will be developed for your business: One for your motivated seller prospects; and the other for your investor buyers. These sites will be attached to your AutoResponder system with initial messages installed. Although Lou charges nothing extra for these sites, you will need to order hosting and auto-responder services from online companies for a total monthly cost of about $30.

I’m Willing To Bank The Majority Of My Mentoring Fee On The Profits You Earn In The Program!

YES. I am that confident in my system and my ability to make you successful with it. The truth is, I wouldn’t select you as someone to work with if I didn’t believe you would be successful. It wouldn’t make sense for either of us.

Plus…this absolutely forces me to be vested in your success because…

If You Don’t Get Paid, Then I Don’t Get Paid.

I have a very unique approach on payment for this program in that I remain vested in your success. Your involvement in the program requires only a small initial enrollment fee. You owe nothing else until you start earning profits. The balance is collected from your profits as you earn them. After your Initial Enrollment Fee your outstanding balance is paid from 25% of the profits of each deal. You retain the other 75%. You can terminate the Agreement at any time – so it is up to me to ensure you are always happy with your results.

There is no other program that offers that level of commitment.

About Lou Castillo

Lou has an M.B.A. and a 15 years management experience working for Fortune 500 companies. Lou realized that as he climbed the corporate ladder with American Express, each promotion meant less time at home and more time traveling.

He and his wife made the decision to start rehabbing homes part time. Although they weren’t an overnight success, within a couple of years of buying their first house they realized they were earning more part time in real estate than their combined income from their careers. Lou’s wife, Margie, left her job first, and Lou followed a few months later. That was 1997 when they both made a full time commitment to real estate investing. They expanded their portfolio of success to include hundreds of wholesale deals, scores of rehabs, and rental properties. They have never missed their careers in the corporate world and are still active investors in Charleston, SC.

"Lou Castillo has been my mentor for 1.5 years and has been instrumental in my success with real estate investing. Lou knows his stuff! He is a great teacher who is patient with newbies like me. And he is excellent on the followup. He always responds to my questions within 24 hours and usually faster! If you want to take your real estate business to the next level, or better, I highly recommend Lou as a mentor!!"
– Gordon Graham

"Mr. Castillo, I have been forever impressed with your expertise and caring. You obviously are in this business for more than just the money. In my 25 years of Real Estate experience you stand apart in these ways. I have only met a handful like you - 'real experts' who also care deeply. I congratulate you and again, Thank You!"
– John A. OBine

"I used this system and just one of the techniques I used brought in $25,872.98 in pure profit so far with another $11,000+ in receivables coming within the next 30 days or so. The best part to me is that I can do it literally from anywhere in the world. I just wish I had gotten it sooner because now I realize I've been leaving a TON of easy money on the table without even knowing it."
– Jeremy Crutchfield

"I have been working in the field of Software Development for the last 17 years and investing in real estate on the side for the last year and a half or so. I recently lost my job back in October and although I began looking for another job, I also decided to use the time in between jobs to work on my real estate business. Luckily, I came across Lou Castillo. After learning Lou's system, I made $15,000 on one wholesale deal within 60 days of getting started. A few months later I've already done over $150,000 in profits and I'm finally on my way BIG TIME!"
– Gary Couvillion

"Thank you for the opportunity to learn your system! I found the information that you delivered so powerful, practical and thorough. I have attended many seminars and found your information to be a cut above most others due to the details that were included that told us not only what we need to do but how to do it. Lou promised right from the beginning to give the "how to" information and not hold back. He delivered on that as promised!"
– Rob B.

"Just one strategy I learned from you made me $22,000 instead of the $3,000 I was hoping to make! The best part I flipped this home in 3 weeks!"
– Ray Allen, Denver, CO

"I have learned how to advertise and market my business to achieve my goals. I now have all the tools I need to move ahead."
– Joann Smith, Bermuda

"Thanks again for all your doing and the invested long hours in making this business model a reality for your students and this student particularly."
– Fred Unger, Salt Lake City, UT

"You've been very helpful, and actively work to keep your students focused and on track. You're very personable and easy to talk with."
– Dave Pyles, Los Angeles, CA 

"I wanted to express my appreciation for your work as my mentor in beginning my real estate investing career. I have been very impressed with the quantity of quality in depth information about how to structure and operate the business; discussing alternatives and keeping me on track. You have a real talent in adapting your mentoring to my personal situation"
– Cary Wilson

"I thought, here is a guy who really wants to help people and isn't just trying to sell his products and those of his partners. You truly care about helping other investors to succeed and you aren't just trying to sell your system and training programs."
– Ken McDaniels

"I was studying real estate investing for 5 years, before I met you. Within 24 days of implementing your system I closed my very first deal and made $9,144.12! Thanks!"
– Matthew Yates, Los Angeles, CA

"I closed my first deal two months after bankruptcy when I had nothing to my name. Thanks to your system I was able to turn my life around and I now make $35,000 per month!"
– Sarah Johnston, Brooklyn, NY

"I was very hesitant in signing up because of getting burned in another so called Real Estate Coaching Program. Something told me to take a chance on you and now, after just a couple of weeks under your coaching, I am amazed at how much I have learned. The one thing I really appreciate the most, is that you are always accessible."
– Kenny Burton