Meet The Investor Riches Team…

Josh Brown – CEO & Co-Founder

Josh Brown has collaborated and partnered with Lou Castillo for over 7-years. In addition to successfully investing in real estate since he was 18 years old, Josh has become a powerful figure in the world of Internet and Information Marketing.

He has worked with and been a consultant on internet marketing to such greats as: Ted Thomas, Dave Lindhal, Jeff Adams, Drew Miles, and Marlon Sanders, Matt Bacak and others.

Josh has made a career of helping everyday people achieve extraordinary results. In his most recent creation, Josh has blended both his real estate experience and vast knowledge of internet marketing to offer a 2 day workshop which shows participants how to easily expand their investing business by harnessing the power of the internet to reach a national customer base.

Lou Castillo – Co-founder and Real Estate Expertmeet_lou

Lou has been successfully investing in real estate since the early ‘90’s. This informative website is dedicated to his favorite subject – how to create massive wealth through real estate – and how to do it more quickly and more easily.

Unlike many of the speakers in real estate, Lou has both an undergraduate and a Master’s Degree in Business and Marketing, and for 12 years he worked managing a $50 million business for American Express. He was on his way up the corporate ladder until he recognized that real estate offered a greater opportunity for financial freedom, and for the lifestyle he desired. Using his powerful proven formulas Lou was able to retire from his corporate job at age 37 and follow his passion – his first love – which is investing in real estate.

Lou has a knack for developing powerful & proven systems that work in real estate and has authored more than 7 books and courses on the subject. His latest development ‘The Online Real Estate Empire’ has been helping investors world wide achieve financial freedom through real estate.

– Marketing Coordinator

Nick is the newest addition to our team, but he brings a very special and powerful skill set with him. after spending a few years working for other people nick decided enough was enough and he threw himself into full entrepreneur mode and has never looked back! Nick handles just about everything and anything for Josh and Lou mostly acting as their right hand and marketing coordinator.

Angelina – CFO

Angelina has been an entrepreneur since the young age of 17 years old when she was Atlanta’s youngest and most sought after rehab design specialist and she hasn’t looked back since.

Angelina’s strength is in numbers, operations and design. She also handles the coordination of all our events and seminars and she’s an integral part of the Investor Riches team.

Margie – Customer Care

Margie, who you’ll rarely ever see without a smile, is the glue that holds our team together. She is in constant contact with our clients to ensure the best customer service and support possible.

Truth be told, Margie helps in so many areas around the office we can’t list them all here. We are just very thankful she’s with us and working toward our same goal of helping folks achieve extraordinary results in their real estate investing business.