It’s a hot sellers’ market – there are no deals!

I’ve been hearing this a lot lately…

My market is so hot that deals are hard to find!

Shoot, maybe even I said it once or twice.

It’s true – deals are harder to find when it’s a sellers’ market – especially one this hot.

But that is also good news. I know you think I must be crazy to say that – so let’s look at the facts.

Regardless of the market there are always homeowners who are experiencing a crisis in their lives. It could be money issues; divorce; health; death; loss of job…the list goes on and on.

Most of these homeowners (potential sellers) are overwhelmed with the crisis and thinking about how to sell the house is almost unbearable.

They are very motivated and they need help right now – FAST.

As an investor, if you’re good AND CONSISTENT with marketing – you’ll uncover these hyper-motivated sellers.

The good news, most of your competition will not. They have convinced themselves the market is too hot and there are no deals to be found. They are not consistent and tenacious.

When you discover these sellers, they are NOT dealing with your competition, so you get better deals.

Once you have control of the property, you are now the “seller” in a HOT sellers’ market. You’ll have bidding wars from investor buyers. Your rehabs will sell quickly for top dollar.

All this means larger profits.

So in a HOT sellers’ market how do you not just survive…not just thrive…but actually flourish?   You develop and commit to marketing.

You look for new lists and new methods to get your message out there. You test new ideas.

And when you are tenacious with that, you will find the hidden pearls no one else can locate. And these will be worth a small fortune to you.

Don’t buy into fear that you can’t find deals in a sellers’ market. The fact is – you’ll find bigger – better deals and profit more!

Expect abundance,

Lou Castillo


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