Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Results

Nothing – and I mean NOTHING – not the newest strategy – not a portfolio of private lenders – not the best marketing idea will yield better, faster results than a change in your thoughts.

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. What we think we become.”
– Buddha

What you think about most often is what will appear in your life – so be aware of what you think.

If you regularly think about what is missing in your life, you’ll create more missing that in your life. On the other hand, if you are excited about what is in your life, you’ll attract more of that.

Of course, this logic brings up another concern: what about the things that I want in my life? Does this mean I can no longer want new things – new relationships – new health?

Not at all. In fact, desire is the energy which stimulates new growth. Of course, this seems to be circular reasoning, right?

You must have desire to create the energy that drives your life, but if you notice that these desires are missing, then you are destined to never experience them in your life.

How is that fair?

The answer is in how you think about your desires. Think of something that you do not have right now that you truly desire.

What is your regular or practiced thought around that topic? Do you instantly feel excited, blissful, motivated – or – do you feel depressed, overwhelmed, and defeated?

These are the two sides to the same desire…the positive and the negative emotions. The positive thoughts will draw your desire closer, while the negative will repel them further.

In other words, your predominant thought about a desire will manifest itself in your reality.

Don’t worry about the single fleeting thought you have, but rather on what is your regular, practiced thought pattern.

Try this…using that same desire you selected before, do you feel good or bad when you think about it?

There’s your answer. That is your dominant thought pattern.

Let’s use an example. Let’s say that you want a new car. There are two ways to experience this desire. One will repel it from you and one will attract it.

Thought:  I hate this car I have. It seems like I always have to spend more money on it. No matter how much money I spend it still isn’t reliable. I wish I had a new car and didn’t have to deal with this heap anymore.

Alternate Thought:  I am looking so forward to my new car. This car has been good to me; and I appreciate all the years that it has taken me where I want to go. I know my new car will do the same. When I get my new car I am going to drive it to my friend’s house first and show them how beautiful it is. After that, I am going to take a road trip and enjoy that new car smell while I’m driving down the highway.

Notice that in the Alternate Thought, it is OK to recognize that the car is not yet present. The difference is in the appreciation of the current experience, and the excitement of what is yet to come.

Let me leave you with this today – you can have all of your desires, if they are your true desires. The only thing stopping you from experiencing them already are your thoughts.

Don’t worry, tomorrow I will give you some ideas to improve your practiced thought patterns.

I love this topic. Feel free to write to me with your thoughts and perspectives about manifesting your desires.

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As always…

Expect abundance,

Lou Castillo




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