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Welcome! Investor Riches is a family based business founded in 2002 by Lou Castillo. Our mission – our focus – is to share the tips, strategies, and techniques learned from two decades of real estate investing and internet marketing. Our promise to always provide practical useful information that you can use to grow your business, to increase your profits, and to reduce the work required so you can enjoy your life. We’re a small ‘boutique’ style company and always place our customers first while striving to always exceed your expectations.

From the desk of…Lou Castillo

Hi, thanks for visiting us here at Investor Riches.com and for giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge with you. We know that you have a choice and sincerely appreciate that you have chosen to look at our material. Your continuing education is an awesome responsibility and we take it very seriously. As I tell all my clients I won’t give you rose colored glasses. Instead I’ll share the good…the bad…and the ugly. I’ll even show you where the piles of cow dung are that I stepped in since there is no sense in you making the same mistake. So I’ll show you what works and what doesn’t.

Real estate investing has been great to me. Although I had earned my M.B.A. degree and was climbing the corporate ladder with a Fortune 500 company, I knew I was an entrepreneur at heart. Like so many others, I started my foray into investing with one of those late night info-mercials. Although the program didn’t deliver everything it promised, it did get me and my wife started. Later we were both able to leave our full time jobs and focus 100% on real estate which also provided us the ability to spend more time with our children as they were growing up. Since then our focus has been on single family homes. We have done renovations, rentals, lease-options; and of course my favorite strategy: wholesaling.

I never saw myself as an educator. I only started teaching at the insistence of others who wanted me to share what I was doing. And in that I found a second passion. I love helping others create a new life for themselves.

I still to this day answer my phone personally, speak with Clients myself, and answer all of my own emails. My wife still works by my side and we have the extra enjoyment of having our children involved in the business as well.

I believe that success and abundance begins with your mindset.  I have found that the common denominator between all successful clients comes down to their initial beliefs around their success. It seems that without the right mindset everything else is futile. For this reason I have started teaching mindset transformation skills. Change your mind…change your results. It’s that simple.

I look forward to sharing our concepts with you and hope that one day soon we will meet in person. I sign-off all my correspondence with the one directive that will make the biggest change in your life:

Expect abundance,

Lou Castillo

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