2 ‘Vicious Killers’ join our family (pics below)…

Here are pictures of the newest additions to our office family. They are both pure bred Dobermans.

This is Dante. He is 12 week old. The first thing everyone remarks is:

Dante The Dobe.

“Look at those paws. He’s going to be a monster.”

They’re right. I think he’s going to be big!

And this is our other boy, Diesel, who is just 9 months old and look at his size. He’s lost that silly puppy look and is starting to look quite intimidating isn’t he?


Frankly, I have spent my entire life scared of Dobermans. I saw them as vicious attack dogs that would rather bite you than look at you. I never thought we’d own one.

But Josh did some research on the breed and discovered that they are actually great dogs who love people, are great with small children, and love to play with other dogs. (This is Diesel With Josh’s Daughter – He looks so ‘vicious’ doesn’t he?)

I faced my fears, got to know the breed and realized that everything I was scared of was just in my head. A Doberman is everything we were looking for in a dog and I would have missed out on a great breed & friend.

What about you? What are you scared of? What is holding you back? We all have fears. Fear of dogs. Fear of failure. Fear of success.

Fear keeps us locked in a box. The key to escape and reaching new heights is to face your fears. Write them down. Read over your list. Then write down what it is about those items that really scares you. What is the worst case scenario? What is the probability that will happen? What is the best case scenario? What is that probability? Do some research and learn more about the topic.

What you’ll realize is that many of the fears that hold you back are much bigger in your head than in reality. Soon you’ll be able to overcome them easily and a whole new world of opportunities will be available.

Be Bold. Expect Success. Expect Abundance.

Lou Castillo & Josh Brown

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